【Public Announcement】Misrepresentation of an Alleged Investment by Dr Lui Che-woo

    23 Jul 2020

    Dr Lui Che-woo has serious concern over a misrepresentation of an alleged investment by Dr Lui Che-woo for a development project of “Pengcheng Daxue” in Shenzhen (“the said university”). Dr Lui Che-woo hereby clarifies that the said university has no connection whatsoever with him or any of his related companies or charities and organisations. The use of Dr Lui Che-woo’s name and all references made in relation to him in any newspaper, seminar or presentation either in verbal or written version regarding any investment in the said university are absolutely unauthorised. Appropriate legal action would be taken.

    Shall you have any question regarding this announcement, please contact us at 852-9109 2584 or by way of email to info@luiprize.org

    Dated: 23 July 2020

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