Dr Lap-chee Tsui, OC, PhD, FRS, FRSC, GBM, GBS, JP

Doctor Lap-Chee Tsui is currently President of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, President of the Victor and William Fung Foundation, Director of Qiushi Academy for Advanced Studies and Master of the Residential College of International Campus in Zhejiang University, and University of Toronto’s Emeritus University Professor. He is the 14th Vice-Chancellor of The University of Hong Kong, prior to which, he was Geneticist-in-Chief at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and University Professor at University of Toronto.

Doctor Tsui received his bachelor and master degrees from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and his PhD from University of Pittsburgh.  He is world-renowned for his research work in human genetics and genomics, notably the identification of the gene for Cystic Fibrosis and other human genetic diseases while conducting a comprehensive characterization of human chromosome 7.  He is also noted for his significant role in leading the Hong Kong consortium in completing the first comprehensive catalogue of human genome variations.

Doctor Tsui has over 300 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 65 invited book chapters. He is the recipient of many national and international prizes, including the 2019 Association of Chinese Geneticists in America Lifetime Achievement Award in Genetics and the 2018 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize. He is a Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, Royal Society of London and Academia Sinica.  He serves on the National Academy of Sciences USA and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is a Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Laureate.  His other awards include 16 honorary doctoral degrees, the Orders of Canada and Ontario, and the Grand Bauhinia Medal and Gold Bauhinia Star, and Justice of the Peace from Hong Kong.