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Laureate Public Lecture 2017 - Welfare Betterment Prize Laureate: Landesa

6 Oct 2017

Laureate Public Lecture

Welfare Betterment Prize Laureate - Landesa

Date: 6 October 2017

Venue: Rayson Huang Theatre, The University of Hong Kong 


Abstract of the Lecture

Drawing on broad lessons from economic history, impact studies, and Landesa’s decades of experience, Hanstad will discuss the “what”, “why”, and “how” of secure and equitable land rights.  In doing so, he will connect the dots between land rights and some of the planet’s most formidable challenges, including poverty, food security, conflict, climate change, economic growth, and inequality.  Topics covered will include:

  • What are land rights?
  • Why are land rights important?
  • Are secure land rights foundational for alleviating poverty or building peaceful and prosperous societies?
  • What are the gender implications?
  • Comparing China’s and India’s rural land reforms:  What are the lessons, challenges, and opportunities?
  • What is the way forward for land rights reform in Africa?
  • What are the potential roles for government, civil society, business sector, and academia in helping to get “land rights right”?

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